A solution for agents and their tenants.

There’s a rental revolution coming. It’s time to get on board.
Leasy is a simple, straight-forward platform that connects real estate agents and their tenants. Everything you need to successfully manage your rental relationship is all there in black and white. There’s no grey area.


A verified history of all actions, encouraging both parties to manage their rental property in the best way possible.


All of your information at your fingertips, available for you to use without hassle, whenever you need.


Instant notifications and reminders mean you won’t ever miss a task or message again.


We’ve automated the hard tasks, to make your life easy. It’s all there, in one place.


Turn the rental relationship in a mutually beneficial one, where everyone is happy.


All of your rental data securely stored and hosted in cloud based software.

It's all there in black and white.